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What's new in T-series? - Everyone’s invited.

We designed Identica T-series to meet all of your needs. With a powerful scan engine and affordable pricing, the new Identica T-series is a perfect fit for both performance enthusiasts and entry level users. It's evolutionary design and high-tech features will help your lab rediscover productivity. Bundled colLab 2017 scan software makes scan data processing easy and efficient.

5 reasons to choose Medit Identica T-series

1. Super fast scanning

Hardware and software combine to bring your lab the fastest scanner in the dental industry. Medit Identica’s exclusive, flexible multi-die provides all in one scanning to dramatically increase your productivity.

2. Extreme reality

Identica T-series captures more details and geometry with higher resolution cameras, merge technology and data processing algorithms.

3. Next generation impression scanning

Identica’s industry leading impression scanning leaps forward with the new Identica T-series. Automatic double sided impression scanning and data alignment provide complete 3D files ready for design. New software tools enable you to combine the impression and plaster stump for more design flexibility when you make crowns or inlays using impression scans.

4. Importing and exporting STL in any scan step

You can use the STL you already have as scan data, such as a diagnostic model or a stock abutment. In addition, if you need occlusal scan data, you can extract it by using the export function.

5. Scanner accuracy is where it all starts in CAD/CAM.

7-micron accuracy: ISO 12836 10 micron accuracy: ANSI/ADA Standard No. 132, VDI 2634