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Introducing the New and Improved T-Series Lab Scanners

Medit designed the T-series to meet all of your needs. With a powerful scan engine and affordable pricing, the new generation of T-series is a perfect fit for both performance enthusiasts and entry-level users. It's an evolutionary design and high-tech features will help your lab and clinic rediscover productivity. The new Medit T710 is capable of working with your Medit i500

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Superfast Scanning

With our high-quality hardware and optimized software, scan a full-arch in just 8 seconds with the T710, the fastest dental lab scanner!

High-resolution Cameras

Our 5.0MP cameras ensure high-resolution detailed scan data. With the four-camera system, The T710 lab scanner covers a wide scan area, eliminating any blind spots.


Say goodbye to stacking jigs for the correct scanning position with our auto-elevation feature. For your ease of use.

High Accuracy

4-micron accuracy: ISO 12836

Open System

Enjoy the freedom of our open system which allows you to import and export files in STL format so you can design on virtually any software.