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Introducing the New and Improved T-Series Lab Scanners

Medit designed the T-series to meet all of your needs. With a powerful scan engine and affordable pricing, the new generation of T-series is a perfect fit for both performance enthusiasts and entry-level users. It's an evolutionary design and high-tech features will help your lab and clinic rediscover productivity. The new Medit T710 is capable of working with your Medit i500

Speed Up Your Workflow

The Medit T710 desktop scanner is equipped with a fast scan engine and highly efficient software algorithm which work in tandem to produce a full-arch scan in just 8 seconds. The advanced, high-speed positioning system of the new T-Series is designed for optimal performance for your laboratory, speeding up your workflow and increasing productivity.

Full-arch scan = 8 secs

Accurate & detailed scan data with our 4 high-resolution cameras

The T710, with its new four 5.0MP-resolution cameras system and blue-light scanning technology, ensures your models and impressions are fully scanned, eliminating all blind spots.


Lab Scanner Accuracy is the

Base of CAD/CAM Work

CAD/CAM dental work requires the highest accuracy to produce well-designed bridges, implants, and bars. Our T-Series ensures the highest-quality scans with high accuracy, adhering to strict international standards, including ISO 12836, ANSI/ADA standard No. 132 and VDI 2634.

< 4 microns

ISO 12836

Maximizing work efficiency


Medit T710

2 steps


Medit T500

3 steps



5 steps


Flexible multi-die scanning

Make your work more efficient by using the flexible multi-die to scan a full-arch or partials with multiple dies simultaneously.

Do More with Less Effort

We’ve always prioritized simplicity when developing our solutions. Because we want to ease your work.


Let the scanner decide the scanning height for your object with our auto-elevation feature.

Wider Scan Area

Scan more objects at the same time thanks to the wider scan area of our T-Series tabletop scanners!

No Blind Spots

The 4 cameras in the T710 are positioned in a way to ensure that there are no blind spots in your scan data. It only takes one scan to get the full data!


Full-size articulator scanning

To reproduce the exact occlusion orientation, nothing beats scanning the occlusion in the articulator itself. We’ve designed our T-Series to accommodate any articulator available in the market, comfortably.



Integration with Medit i500 Intraoral Scanner

Need additional scan data? With the Medit Scan for Labs software, you can now add scans using our Medit i500 intraoral scanner!

Medit Scan for Labs

Introducing our new lab scan software, Medit Scan for Labs.

Optimize your digital workflow and get even more productive with all our new innovative features.


Advanced Precise Color Texture


Capture vivid color texture scans, including hand-marked margins or handwritten notes.


Auto-alignment with Base/Prep


With the auto-alignment feature on Medit Scan for Labs, you no longer need to align your Prep data with the Base data because the software will do it for you! This feature also works for the Prep data when scanning flexible multi-dies.


No Downtime (Processing Done in Background)


There’s no need to wait for a case to be processed before proceeding to the next. Processing is done in the background for maximum efficiency, allowing you to scan cases consecutively without a break. 


Customized Scan Sequence


Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your own scan sequence with Medit Scan for Labs. Simply drag and drop the scan stages and re-order the sequence to suit your working style and needs!


HD Mode for Selected Stages


You can select specific parts to scan in high resolution, allowing you to scan in HD whenever necessary.


Replica Dentures


Replicate and archive existing dentures or create a surgical or radiographic guide with fast, accurate, and high-quality scans.


Partial Dentures


The partial denture framework requires the interproximal undercut as a retention force foundation. Use the ‘interproximal scan’ in the ‘Orthodontic’ scan strategy for your partial denture framework scans.


Advanced Scanbody Alignment


With the ‘Medit Certified’ Library, the Implant Scanbody Alignment feature uses an algorithm which ensures high position accuracy, as well as the accuracy of each re-alignment. The ‘Advanced Scanbody Alignment’ feature is especially useful for highly sophisticate prostheses like implant bar scanning cases.


Bottom Side of the Wax-Up


Experience optimized functionality with wax-up bottom scanning, which allows the scanning of both the extrados and the intrados of a wax-up, for perfect copying of the pontic area and a much more accurate design.


Interproximal Area Scan for Orthodontics


Capture important interproximal areas with the Medit T-Series and Medit Scan for Labs software.


Post & Core


The Post & Core scan feature helps you to capture the deepest part of the core, by giving you the option of combining your model data with impression scan data.


Alignment to Virtual Mounting Plate


An exclusive function only available with Medit scanners, this feature enables you to link articulators such as KaVo, Artex, SAM, MARK330 and BIOART A7+, with virtual articulators, without needing any special jigs. Simply scan the mandible mounting plate and align it to the default position of the articulator mounting plate. You can then use the virtual articulator integration function in CAD with highly accurate positioning.

Double-sided Impression and Plaster Stump

Medit Scan for Labs combines data from your stone die with data from the impression scan to provide you with accurate margin information. This eases the challenges of checking the margins of preparation teeth on impressions. When you scan individual stone dies of a preparation tooth, the Medit Scan for Labs software aligns and integrates the plaster die data and the double-sided impression data for increased convenience.

Full Arch Tray

The Impression Module for the Medit T710 allows you to perform automatic double-sided impression scanning, eliminating the need to manually reverse the image. The result is an easy and accurate double-sided impression scan and bite alignment.

Various Strategies for Implant Case Scanning

The Medit Scan for Labs software captures both the base and scanbodies at the same time, so you don’t need to scan twice. With the ‘Add Scanbody’ function, you can also scan the same scanbody at several implant locations, reducing the need for multiple scanbodies.


Medit Link

Linking Everything

Medit Link is a truly open platform which offers you an integrated and flexible all-in-one workflow for dental clinics and labs. Manage all your digital data and 3D scans in one place, communicate seamlessly with partners and patients to ensure high quality results, and complete your order comfortably and securely within one system. With easy add-ons for additional dental software of your choice, Medit Link is your link to the world of digital dentistry.