First Panthera Laboratory Scanner Certification: Medit T500

Panthera Dental is proud to award its first Panthera Laboratory Scanner Certification to Medit with its 3D dental scanner: The Medit T500. This certification is dedicated to the precision and repeatability of any laboratory scanner for implant bars and bridges.


Panthera Dental has created an exhaustive series of tests to judge if a dental laboratory scanner is precise enough for implant bars and bridges. These assessments include precision tests and repeatability tests. The Medit T500 from Medit is the first scanner to succeed every test with remarkable results.

Medit T500

Medit T500 the most accurate scanner of 4 microns!

The Medit T500 scanner just got approved by Panthera Dental as the first Panthera laboratory scanner certification. Compared with an industrial scanner with an accuracy of 1-nanometer precision. The Medit T500 was able to score 4um (microns in precision test and 10um(microns)in repeatability test, making it the most precise laboratory scanner tested so far by Panthera Dental.

Having a predictable scanner and the robust Exocad design software make this a winning combination.

For more information: Medit T-Series

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