New iScan Functions: Margin Line Creation

Margin Line Creation

Have you been enjoying Medit Link V2.1 and iScan V1.3? Prior to the launch of the latest iScan version, many of our users had requested for a “margin line creation” function to be added to the software. Your wish is our command! Read on to find out how to utilize this new function so that you can create your margin lines quickly. 


MLC - Main


The Margin Line Creation feature in iScan V1.3 allows users to create a margin line either by using the automatic function (Auto Creation) or by manually drawing the margin line (Manual Creation). In both instances, once the margin line has been created, users can make adjustments to the margin line using the Edit function. 


MLC - Manual


To draw your own margin line using the Manual Creation function, mark points along the margin line using the left mouse button to link each point to the next. You can click on any point and drag it to make slight adjustments to the marked point. In order to complete the margin line, click the first marked point to close the loop.


MLC - Auto


The Auto Creation function draws a margin line for you automatically based on your selected points. We recommend choosing at least four points, one each on the buccal, lingual, mesial and distal sides along the margin line, in order to create an accurate margin line with this function.

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