The Next Generation DWX 53DC Dental Mill has been released by DGSHAPE Corporation.

DWX 53DC Hero

DGSHAPE Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roland DG Corporation and a global provider of digital fabrication tools, today announced the release of the DWX-53DC, a next-generation desktop milling device that provides a faster, cleaner production experience for all dental applications, as well as an improved, user-friendly support experience via DGSHAPE CLOUD.

The sleek new design of the DWX-53DC has a separately covered automated tool changer, which keeps tools free of extra material waste. Adapters are simply and swiftly interchanged in a newly developed automatic disc changer. The milling chamber is sealed to keep milling waste separate from other portions of the milling equipment, and it incorporates an ionizer to facilitate the removal of PMMA milling waste.

A more substantial base, sturdier spindle, and a new disc-changing technique enable the production of dental applications to be rapid and efficient. A four-millimetre bur can be used to reduce the time required to finish the roughing operation. The DWX-53DC enables users to produce PMMA applications such as dentures and partials at above-industry-standard quality and speed.

Standard and open edge adapters are included with the DWX-53DC. Users who want to mill the facial anatomy of long-span bridge applications can do so with the newly designed open edge adapter and a 35-degree rotating angle of the B-axis.

“In addition to its sleek exterior redesign, the DWX-53DC dry mill is layered with hidden technology. A series of improvements and new features make it even more user-friendly, swift and dependable,” said Hisashi Bito, DGSHAPE Corporation’s President of Operations. “Combined with DGSHAPE CLOUD, the DWX-53DC provides a uniquely comprehensive monitoring and support experience, that users can access from any device.”

To find out more about the DWX-53DC please contact Scott Gillespie at or at 905-902-0008.

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