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Emerald Dental - Hamilton, ON

  • At Emerald Dental, our digital dental lab offers dental milling, as well as dental scanners & software to dental labs throughout Canada.

    Welcome to Emerald Dental, your outsourcing specialists. We are a highly experienced dental lab in Hamilton, Ontario that creates Zirconia implant abutments, full-contour crowns and copings for other labs. We also supply dental labs with scanners and digital design software to design their own restorations.

    Emerald Dental has been servicing Canadian dental laboratories since 2004. We were the first 3M™ ESPE Lava™ milling centre in Canada. Since then, we have gained a reputation for creating some of the most precise and high-quality dental prosthetics in the industry. Although our Zirconia crowns, copings and implant abutments are milled using a machine, we take the time to finish and inspect each unit under a microscope to ensure an exact fit every time.

    There’s no room in our industry for poor workmanship. You know it and we know it. We stand behind our commitment to provide quality and service. Always have and always will.

    Sure, there are other dental milling centres in Canada. But ask yourself – Who has the most experience? Who can troubleshoot better than anyone else? Only Emerald Dental can offer you that kind of service and experience. To send us a case or to find out more about the innovative dental technology we sell, don’t hesitate to give us a call.