specturm day toronto 2021

Join us and Kevin Dillon for 3 different courses at Spectrum Day Toronto!


Visit us at booth 101 and 103

Kevin Dillon

ROOM: P. Berton 1-3

9:00AM - 10:00AM


ROOM: D. Sutherland 1-2

3:00PM - 4:00PM

Fabricating the Final Prothesis utilizing high end 3D Printers and new materials; This is here Now and the Future looks Good

3D printing has been used in dentistry quite extensively for the past 10 years but mostly
for fabricating models and printing of wax for lost wax techniques to fabricate partials and
pressed ceramics.

In the past few years 3D printing has started a surge in fabricating final products for the
patient. Night guards and bite splints are a perfect example of this.

With the advent of new cross polymerization composite resins the printing of end products
has just expanded to fabricating complete dentures, metal free cast partials, printed chrome
cobalt partials, printed crowns and bridges.

The digital revolution in dentistry has been discussed and promised for the past 30 years.
With these new product break throughs, the digital dental revolution has arrived.

Kevin Dillon will give an overview of the processes and science of the products.

Kevin Dillon

ROOM: : D. Sutherland 3-4

10:00AM - 11:00AM 

Dentures created through Digital Process: Discussing the new materials from Desktop Health.

There are many ways to create a denture utilizing a digital process. This presentation will start by scanning of reference denture, followed by case design for the denture. This will demonstrate different material workflows. Lastly a live demonstration will be performed for the printing the new flexcera material.

Kevin Dillon will be discussing the new materials from Desktop Health.

Mark Rotsaert will explain the general overview; what we are doing to fabricate Dentures in the digital workflow.

About the Speaker:

Kevin Dillon, Jr. - Dental Channel Manager, Canada and MidAtlantic & Northeast US, for EnvisionTEC. Kevin has over 30 years in the dental field. He started his career with Leach & Dillon in 1990, finishing his time as as President / CEO before selling his company to American Dental Supply. Kevin has lectured internationally and has aided dental laboratories in strategic growth. In 2012, he left dentistry to pursue a career in 3D printing, working in the industrial sector, marketing Stratasys 3D printers. Kevin re-entered the dental market in 2015 with EnvisionTEC and is a subject matter expert in 3D printing dental applications.

Mark Rotsaert has been in the dental industry all his life. Fifty years ago his father Henri Rotsaert established Rotsaert Dental Laboratory with the foundation of quality workmanship and always looking to improve the dental lab through new technology. The lab is kept in the family with sister Nicole and brother Eric. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding digital dentistry. He has written articles on communication and digital dentistry and has lectured and given table clinics on digital dentistry across Canada.

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