VieSID Canada 2023

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VieSID Canada is pleased to announce that its 2023 15-day Core Curriculum program will commence in February 2023. All modules will be held at Southern Ontario Dental College in Ancaster, Ontario (VieSID is not affiliated with SODC).

VieSID Canada 2023

Class size will be limited to 12 students to ensure an excellent learning environment with personal attention from your instructors. To ensure your spot please sign up early. Registration inquiries should be directed to Nancy Tester at

What is VieSID?

VieSID, short for the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry, originated in Austria as an evolution of the teachings of  Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek, the past Dean of the University of Vienna and the director of postgraduate training for dentists at the Danube (Donau) University in Krems, Austria.  VieSID offers postgraduate training for dentists and dental technicians and is organized in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna and the University Dental Clinic in Vienna. The cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna also includes the support of scientific research on the subjects of occlusion and function in dentistry.

Goal of VieSID

The goal of the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry is to teach the knowledge and concepts of Professor Dr. Rudolf Slavicek.  Additional training in other concepts including those of Professor Sadao Sato (Orthodontics) makes this program truly interdisciplinary.  VieSID cooperates with independent renowned international experts and lecturers and is responsible for the content and organization of the curricula. In addition to Vienna, VieSID programs are taught worldwide.

Education in Occlusal Medicine

The VieSID primary curriculum is designed to provide participants with an in depth understanding of structural development and the functional requirements of the masticatory system.  Emphasis is placed on the clinical skills and instrumentation required to achieve optimal diagnostic success in everyday practice.

The Basic Curriculum is designed for dentists and their dental technicians looking for a program that provides a logical concept for occlusal rehabilitation tailored to the individual patient.  We have designed this extensive curriculum to be the most comprehensive course in occlusion available today.

A message from VieSID:

So you have reached a point in your career where you have been out of school for some time and you recognize your career is very challenging. You are frustrated by procedures that do not work as you planned, you are stuck doing endless fillings and emergency procedures and many of your patients are as unhappy as you feel. The debt you face and the mounting costs of dental practice make it very hard to get ahead. You want to do more and there are countless courses that promise to help.  Most of them teach better ways to manage your practice but at the end of the day, it's the care you give that provides your return. These courses are all expensive and how to choose. Will you see an ROI? Will it make your skills better?

It’s hard to decide because you don’t know what’s possible! You see dentists doing amazing work in esthetics, and more complex restorative dentistry and realize that these are higher-end procedures that provide value for your patients and improved ROI for your office and your family.  You have patients that present with dysfunction and pain but are unsure how to diagnose and address these issues.

VieSID Canada has the solution! We provide hands-on training in Canada reducing expensive travel costs. Our program teaches the proper diagnostics and treatment staging to instantly improve your abilities in all aspects of dentistry. Your cases will be bigger, your success will be greater and most importantly your patients and team will be happier with the level of care you provide.  

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