Elos Accurate® Hybrid Base™ is now available in Canada!

Dental lab technicians and dentists in Canada can now enjoy seamless digital dentistry with Elos Medtech

For years, dental practitioners in Europe have had access to the full Elos Accurate custom abutment product line. Only a few Elos Accurate items were offered in Canada at this time. Scanning abutments and model analogues are two examples.

Today, however, we are pleased to inform you that we have received clearance for the whole portfolio of Elos Accurate products for certain implant systems, having successfully completed the rigorous Health Canada approval procedure. This implies that we can now provide everything dentists and dental lab employees in Canada require for a smoother, simpler digital dentistry process. Elos Accurate provides a comprehensive and highly inventive custom abutment solution that includes a wide range of implant platforms, a single universal screwdriver that fits all scan bodies, and a huge number of options within the same library.

In fact, many of our European clients choose to operate entirely within the Elos Accurate environment. In other words, Elos Medtech scan bodies, model analogues, hybrid bases, and custom abutments.

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