Elos Medtech Model Analog (MA) Discontinuation

But don’t worry, the improved Analog for printed Models (PMA) will cover your needs in years to come. The PMA was launched in 2018 and has quickly become the preferred analogue for many implant companies. You will find the PMA as part of original workflows from companies like Nobel Biocare, Dentsply, Atlantis and many more.

The PMA offers a perfectly engineered analog for printed models that comes with an intuitive toolset that fits all analogues and easy installation.

Elos have created step-by-step guides and videos to get started with the installation, please have a look here:

If you don’t have the PMA in your current library please make sure to update your Elos libraries from the Elos website here. Elos has libraries for 3shape, exocad and Dental Wings.

If you are using libraries through Elos' partners the main libraries can be downloaded from the below links.

Nobel Biocare here.

Dentsply Atlantis TitaniumBase and SupraStructure here.

Emerald Dental Works online shop

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