Scanning Reflective Surfaces (Gold or Metal) with White Light

There’s a lot of challenges in the world of dentistry, and one of them is scanning soft tissues. Medit address that problem with a white light function when scanning with the Medit i500.

You should still use blue light to scan in general, but there are certain circumstances in which using the new white light option will enable you to achieve a better scan data.

You should use the white light feature when the area has a lot of red due to soft tissue and blood. White light is better on picking up red colour while blue light is better for scanning the teeth structure, including margins.

Medit also addressed the concerns of the community about scanning shiny surfaces. The problem with shiny surfaces is light reflection which can disrupt the scanning process. White light is useful to scan those shiny surfaces. The most important point is to avoid light reflection. You can this easily by rotating the tip and checking the live view to check that there aren’t many areas in purple. It also helps to go slowly and acquire more images per area.

You can also use filter level 1 as it acquires more data. This setting is useful especially for cases which include gold or metal prostheses.




Step 1: Click the Menu Bar One the upper left part of the software (Indicated on the image).


Step 2: Click on the Settings Menu


Step 3: Click "Scan Light" to change it from blue to white.

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