VITA Enamic

VITA Enamic is a unique hybrid ceramic with a dual ceramic-polymer network structure. It is also available as mono- and multichromatic types in up to three translucency levels (T, HT, ST).


  • fabricating durable restorations using a high-load capacity hybrid ceramic with the absorption of masticatory forces
  • non-/minimally invasive restorations possible since the elastic hybrid ceramic enables reduced wall thicknesses
  • fabricating accurate, precise and delicate restorations using a hybrid material with integrated elasticity
  • cost-effective reconstruction, thanks to time-saving CAM fabrication and efficient polishing without any firing process
Vita Enamic Block

VITA ENAMIC® is a dental Hybrid Ceramic that combines the
positive characteristics of a ceramic and a composite.

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This tooth-coloured hybrid material offers material properties that are almost identical to those of natural teeth, ensuring a natural play of colours, thanks to its excellent light conductivity.

Preparation/wall thicknesses
Follow the general guidelines for preparation and design suitable for ceramic restorations

Posterior crowns:
Occlusal: at least 1.0 mm; Circumferential: at least 0.8 mm

Occlusal: at least 1.0 mm;
In the area of the isthmus at least 1.0 mm


Bonding the restoration Conditioning the tooth substance.

  • Apply the adhesive system (primer/bonder) to the prepared tooth.
  • If present, any enamel areas should be etched with phosphoric acid gel for 30s.









Conditioning the restoration

  • Etch the inner surface with hydrofluoric acid gel (60 seconds)
  • Acid residue must be carefully removed
  • Apply silane to the etched surfaces
  • Apply the bonder










Seating the restoration

  • Apply the adhesive composite
  • Insert the restoration
  • Light curing (Please follow manufacturer's instructions!)

Recommended indications

  • Reconstructions with reduced wall thickness that preserve natural tooth structure
  • Posterior crowns that offer high load capacity in cases with limited space availability
  • Precise repair of small defects (e.g. indirect cervical fillings/delicate inlays)
  • Non-minimally invasive reconstruction of occlusal surfaces (tabletop)

Available Shades

Vita Shades

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