Zircom Sintering Furnace

Zircom Speed

Zircom Sintering Furnace delivers delicacy and beauty to your zirconia. It features molybdenum disilicide heater that provides clean, reliable, and consistent results.


 Zircom is very compact with size of 12 (W) x 25 (H) x 18 (D) inch and it is also user-friendly with very simple operation. The unit is applicable to various types of zirconia materials.


Programable Sintering Furnace

Compact and user-friendly Zircom is designed to sinter a variety of zirconia materials. Zircom allows you to put 100 programs with 20 steps for wide range of zirconia. It features a molybdenum disilicide heater that provides clean, reliable, and consistent results.

Quick Firing Program

One of the Zircom’s most attractive characteristics is a quick firing program with high-temperature (1600°C) with a LED display.

SD Card

Zircom Sintering Furnace features SD Card which allows users to edit their firing program on their PC. In addition, it is also capable of updating the unit when it is necessary.



Power Requirement:
AC 220V. 50/60Hz. Max. 2.5kVA

12 (w) x 25 (h) x 18 (d) inches

3.5inch LCD Color Display

Firing Platform:
Ø95mm (3.74 inch)

88lbs (40kg)

Max Temperature:
1,600°C (2,912°F)

100 (20 Steps)

SD Card Slot:
Software Update
Program Back Up


Power Requirements

The unit requires 220V single-phase, 20A and grounding


Unloaded Muffle Firing

When first purchasing the unit, please follow the unloaded muffle process listed below:

  1. Put proper amount of beads in the firing tray, then put one or two firing trays with its cover on.
  2. Choose the Course 0 and press [START STOP]. It takes approximately 7 hours.


How to Use:
  1. Powering on, then the unit displays Standby Mode
  2. Select the course by ↑↓
  3. Press [START/STOP]


How to Program:

Suppose you store a firing program on Program Course 5 as follows:

(Make sure firing table is down)

Course Name: TEST

Step 1      Temp: 1000C      Time: 40min

Step 2      Temp: 1500C      Time: 60min

Step 3      Temp: 1500C      Time: 120min

Step 4      Temp: 400C      Time: 60min

Step 5      Temp: 300C      Time: 90min

Table Position: 5.

Start temperature is 20C. It is already programmed.

  1. Turn on the power to go to the Standby Mode
  2. Press ↑↓ button to choose the course number 5
  3. Press  [F1]
  4. Press ↑ to move to Course Name
  5. Input TEST by using [F3]&[F4] and
  6. Prress ↓ to move back to Step 1
  7. Input 1000 by [F3]&[F4]
  8. Press        to adjust time then imput 0:40 by [F3]&[F4]
  9. Press ↓ to move down to Step 2 then input 1500 and 1:00 by [F3]&[F4]
  10. Press ↓ to move down to Step 3 then input 1500 and 2:00 by [F3]&[F4]
  11. Press ↓ to move down to Step 4 then input 400 and 1:00 by [F3]&[F4]
  12. Press ↓ to move down to Step 5 then input 300 and 1:30 by [F3]&[F4]
  13. Press [F2] to change Setting Page (Table Position & Chme)
  14. Adjust Table Position to 5 by using [F3]&[F4]
  15. Press [F1] to return to Standby Mode

©Program will not be saved if you turn off the unit during programming.


Error Signs
  • No4:      Lifting Table Abnormal – Error occurs during lifting the firing
  • No5:      Heater Disconnection Abnormally – Heater is broken. Please replace it with a new heater
  • No6:      Thermocouple Error – The thermocouple is short-circulated or disconnected
  • No8:      Memory Error – The memory content is corrupted by the influence of noise or when the unit cannot read the memory
  • No9:      Excessive Rise of Temperature – The muffle temperature rises excessively
  • No11:     Top Cooling Fan Error – Error occurs in the top cooling fan
  • No12:     Under Cooling Fan Error – Error occurs in the lower cooling fan




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