Our COVID-19 emergency preparedness and support commitment

As all of our thoughts are on the COVID-19 situation, we wanted to share an update on how Emerald Dental Works is responding. The safety and health of our community, including our customers and dedicated employees, is always of the utmost importance to us.

A recent message from the RCDSO “recommends that all non-essential and elective dental services should be suspended immediately. Emergency treatment should continue.”

In light of this recommendation, we have suspended meetings, travel and visits to our premises. Our clients may send us emergency cases, and we will ensure the highest level of quality, service and attention to detail in fabricating the patient’s prosthesis. We will also service your equipment and supply needs on a timely basis.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence in our team at Emerald Dental Works Inc.

We will weather the storm that is COVID-19 together.



Since every milling machine is different, all standard "CadCam" models include a specific cable and air suction hose which allows for a seamless, automatic and user-friendly operation with your milling machine.

At the time of order, please indicate the manufacturer of milling machine used, we will supply specific Auto Start-Stop cable/hose AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!


iVAC CadCam (iVL-911-16)

  • For intermittent milling operation or lower debris volume (1 disk/puck at a time)

iVAC TWIN CadCam (iVTL-911-16)

  • For continuous milling operation or high debris volume (larger debris chamber)
    • Start-Stop automatically when connected to the milling machine
    • Outperform ALL competing milling machine dust collectors
    • HEPA Filter ensures 99.97% efficiency on submicron particles such as fine zirconium dust in CAD/CAM milling
    • Quietest units on the market (52-55dbA)
    • Exclusive hybrid INFINITY motors
    • "AutoFlow" speed feature (set to lowest acceptable speed, motors automatically speed up to overcome pressure increase)
    • "Temporary ON" feature (clean your mill while model is in standby mode)
    • Exclusive "OnLine Filter Cleaning" feature (Operate the mill overnight while the filters clean themselves, No Touch Filter Cleaning)
    • Bagless system for heavier applications
    • Separate access doors allow you to remove debris without having to access filter section (keeps room clean)


  • Premium Design · Most effective milling collector on the market
    • Extra filter capacity for high volume use
    • Deep-bed HEPA filter to reduce maintenance
    • Incomparable airflow/suction
    • Easy front access for filters and motors
    • Interchangeable air inlets (rear/left/right)
    • Locking casters for optimal mobility included
    • Extremely silent operation (50dbA)


  • Compact Design · When space is an issue
    • Low-profile fits under the counter
    • Filters accessible from the front
    • Incomparable airflow/suction
    • Interchangeable air inlet: rear or top
    • Interchangeable air inlets (rear/left/right)
    • OPTIONAL: Caster kit for mobility

JetStream CadCam

  • Basic Design · Cost effective, yet optimizes functionality
    • Filters accessible from the side
    • Cost effective solution
    • Low profile