DentalCAD - Speed and Flexibility

Powerful CAD solution for dental labs

DentalCAD software: Great for beginners and even more powerful in the hands of an expert

Exocad CAD software is known for its speedy operation and ease of use, helping you minimize training costs and maximize productivity. It is reliable and robust even for solving complex cases on a daily basis. The speed and flexibility of exocad’s DentalCAD were achieved by harnessing the latest research results on organic modelling.

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DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina

Exocad DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka powered up your design possibilities. Exocad DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina does all that and more with a major improvement in automation and integration, better visualization, and improved pre-operative treatment planning!

Introducing Exocad DentalCAD 3.2 Elefsina

DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka

Increase productivity and streamline results

Introducing Exocad DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka


Versatile – broad scope of indications

Design customized, beautiful and functional dental restorations: crowns, bridges, copings, veneers, inlays, onlays, pontics, provisionals, removables, and dental appliances all with DentalCAD.

Robust – speedy operation even with complex cases

Enjoy the highest productivity with DentalCAD. Our powerful software platform operates reliably and speedily processes high data volumes.


open data

Comprehensive – bring together multiple data sources

Combine virtually any open data sources relevant to your case: Intraoral and model scans, 3D face scans, jaw motion data, DICOM files and patient photos.

Consistent and logical – rich user experience

Our DentalCAD  software fully adapts to your needs and workflows. Continuous extensive testing and proven solutions guarantee maximum ease of use and performance.



Freedom of choice – seamless integration with 3rd party production equipment

Maximize your return on hardware investments. Thanks to the open software architecture, you can use almost any scanner, 3D printer or milling machine. In DentalCAD ’s open library, you can access a broad range of materials from leading manufacturers or utilize generic blanks.

User-friendly – guided workflows in wizard mode

exocad’s proven wizard-based workflow guides you through every step of your dental restoration design and production process. In DentalCAD ’s expert mode, you can adjust your settings individually and while accessing extensive supplementary features and tools.


A broad range of indications and functions

included in core version

DentalCAD ’s core version supports you in designing various esthetic and functional dental restorations and dental appliances based on individual anatomies and requirements. Its intuitive user interface, extensive functions and open tooth and material libraries guarantee outstanding results.

Anatomic Crowns


Design beautiful and functional crowns with minimal effort.

Multiple high-quality tooth libraries included.

simple copings

Inspired by the full anatomy, you can take advantage of cutback options to create optimal copings.


Attachment shapes from an extensive library can be added to or removed from your design.

Bridge Framework

bridge framework

Design full-contour bridges and frameworks including inlay, cantilever, and Maryland bridges.

inlays onlays

Beautiful, natural-looking inlay and onlay restorations can be designed rapidly and easily.


Achieve highly aesthetic results with just a few mouse clicks.

Several beautiful tooth libraries are included. 

Work with Waxups


Waxups made by hand can be scanned, edited, and copy-milled.

It is also possible to create waxups digitally.


exocad gives you maximum flexibility when designing telescopic crowns.

Enhanced options thanks to numerous add-on modules

Extensive, versatile, integrated

Easily extend your service offerings with one or more of exocad‘s add-on modules. All modules are fully integrated into DentalCAD  – providing you with one smooth, stable and seamless workflow. Enjoy greater functionality according to your needs while remaining fully flexible and cost-efficient.

Custom Abutments

Custom Abutments


Screw-retained Bridges

Screw retained bridges


Standard Bars


Complex Bars

Complex Bars

Create Physical Models

physical models

Therapeutic night guards

Temporary Crowns & Bridges

Temporary crowns and bridges

Full Dentures

Full Dentures

partial framework design

Dynamic Occlusion

Dynamic Occlusion

Real-time Realistic Rendering




DICOM Viewer


Jaw Motion Import

Jaw Motion Import

Smile Creator

License models according to your needs

You can choose between Perpetual License with optional upgrade contract or the subscription-based Flex License with significantly lower initial cost, and full access to all upgrades. Is your DentalCAD Perpetual License out of date? Get the latest version via our new Refresh Program!

Integrate, create, manufacture

"Research drives our innovation! exocad users benefit from the simple operating concept of our proven, open exocad software platform by delivering high-performance and reliable results they can fully trust." Dr. Paul Schnitzspan, Software Development Manager, exocad GmbH

Advance your dental lab and facilitate your workflows with DentalCAD  – exocad’s powerful software solution specifically designed for technicians. We at exocad know that restorative dentistry is an art. That is why we provide you with all the tools you need while guaranteeing you freedom of choice. Working with DentalCAD  is hassle-free and easy to master. From quick volume production to the most complex, customized solutions – everything is possible with DentalCAD.