Our COVID-19 emergency preparedness and support commitment

As all of our thoughts are on the COVID-19 situation, we wanted to share an update on how Emerald Dental Works is responding. The safety and health of our community, including our customers and dedicated employees, is always of the utmost importance to us.

A recent message from the RCDSO “recommends that all non-essential and elective dental services should be suspended immediately. Emergency treatment should continue.”

In light of this recommendation, we have suspended meetings, travel and visits to our premises. Our clients may send us emergency cases, and we will ensure the highest level of quality, service and attention to detail in fabricating the patient’s prosthesis. We will also service your equipment and supply needs on a timely basis.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence in our team at Emerald Dental Works Inc.

We will weather the storm that is COVID-19 together.

Emerald's Medit i500 Packages

Medit i500 Specifications

Tip Size - 19 x 15.2MM (WxH)

Scanning Area - 14 x 13mm

Overall handpiece length - 266mm

Weight - 280g

Imaging Technology - 3D in-motion video technology

Colour - 3D full-colour streaming capture

Connectivity - USB 3.0

Can't decide on which one do you need? We have options . . . 

i500 Superior: Ease and Ergonomics

The Superior work station designed for modern dentistry and with the user in mind.
23” wide-format movable touchscreen, offering you an ergonomic work platform.
The medical-grade cart with a pneumatic adjustable height allows
for better work position that can be easily taken from room to room.

  • Movable touch-screen Scanner in the ready position.
  • Plug and scan set-up.
  • Height adjustment of 25 cm.
  • Sturdy 5-wheel base.
  • Easy to take from room to room.


Docking Station




i500 FlexCart: Flexibility and Portability

The FlexCart work station is the laptop and the i500 scanner with the same medical-grade cart as the Superior.

This FlexCart delivers more flexibility and ease of use to move around your clinic.




i500 Flex: Portability

This Flex work station is the laptop and the i500 scanner.
The advantage is portability and ideal for use in a multi-office practice.
The scanner and laptop can be used with the same medical-grade cart as the Superior.


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