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Emerald's Medit i500 Packages

Medit i500 Specifications

Tip Size - 19 x 15.2MM (WxH)

Scanning Area - 14 x 13mm

Overall handpiece length - 266mm

Weight - 280g

Imaging Technology - 3D in-motion video technology

Colour - 3D full-colour streaming capture

Connectivity - USB 3.0

Can't decide on which one do you need? We have options . . . 

i500 Superior: Ease and Ergonomics

The Superior work station designed for modern dentistry and with the user in mind.
23” wide-format movable touchscreen, offering you an ergonomic work platform.
The medical-grade cart with a pneumatic adjustable height allows
for better work position that can be easily taken from room to room.

  • Movable touch-screen Scanner in the ready position.
  • Plug and scan set-up.
  • Height adjustment of 25 cm.
  • Sturdy 5-wheel base.
  • Easy to take from room to room.


Docking Station




i500 FlexCart: Flexibility and Portability

The FlexCart work station is the laptop and the i500 scanner with the same medical-grade cart as the Superior.

This FlexCart delivers more flexibility and ease of use to move around your clinic.




i500 Flex: Portability

This Flex work station is the laptop and the i500 scanner.
The advantage is portability and ideal for use in a multi-office practice.
The scanner and laptop can be used with the same medical-grade cart as the Superior.


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