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Precision. Surface Finish. Speed.

That's what EnvisionTEC 3D printers are known for. And they don't do it just for small parts in the dental and jewellery markets anymore. While they got their start by commercializing the first DLP printers, which now deliver smooth finishes down to 10 microns, their 3D printers - and the parts they can deliver - have grown up. Today, their additive manufacturing machines can product accurate parts up to 10 cubic feet. The material family is grown up, too. EnvisionTec printers process a full range of resins, sand, and even biologic materials and woven fibre composites.



CAD/ CAM systems and 3D printing are changing the dental industry at a very fast rate.

To compete in Dental Laboratory industry, a laboratory needs to be on top of everything but in reasonable price range. Emerald Dental Works' low-cost, High-throughput solutions offer the requisite quality to level the global playing field and improve Dental Laboratory Competitiveness

The success of the digital dental lab implementation relies heavily on:

- Availability and ease of use of CAD software to design restorations and models from scan data
- Highly accurate, reliable 3D printers to replicate that data reliably and accurately and
- A wide variety of materials for a broad spectrum of dental applications.
- CAD-based dental restorations using EnvisionTEC 3D printers deliver labor and material cost reduction as well as higher clinical quality and consistency throughout the manufacturing process

EnvisionTEC 3D printing solutions are optimized for a number of materials representing a broad portfolio of dental and orthodontic applications. Whether you use 3Shape, Dental Wings, or any other design software product, a finished product is only a few clicks away.

As software and material upgrades become available, this information is provided to EnvisionTEC customers. We are in constant communication with the R&D teams of the most recognized dental CAD software companies to ensure a seamless workflow that delivers consistent manufacturing quality.