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HPR solutions powered by exocad®

exocad® is now the most common dental modelling software in the world.  It allows the modelling of all types of cemented prosthesis, from single simple coping to arch thickness of 14 anatomical or reduced elements. It allows the efficient use of data to support the modelling as provisional models (situation scan) or wax coatings (wax-up).

Through exocad® the modelling of inlays or veneers is extremely easy and fast.  Regarding the modelling of implants, exocad® today represents the most powerful and flexible tool available. From a single customized abutment to a bar with particular profile connections, everything is extremely fast, efficient and intuitive.



Optional modules

In addition to the basic modelling module that allows the modelling of any cemented work, exocad® offers a range of extremely useful optional modules:

  • abutment module for free modelling of prosthesis on implants, from custom abutment to bridge on multiple implants;
  • bar module for the design of free primary bars;
  • virtual articulator module for the simulation of dynamic articulation;
  • provisional crown module for modelling of provisional thickness;
  • true smile module for a realistic rendering of each model;
  • implant module for the design of abutments and screw-retained bridges;
  • bite splint module for designing therapeutic night guards. Use with the Virtual Articular for optional patient results. Output files can be milled or printed;
  • DICOM viewer for visualization of voxel data from CT machines during the design process; also enables online exchange of implant and tooth position data with third-party programs such as implant planning software;
  • denture (upcoming with cast partials) – for total prosthesis. Model analysis can be performed digitally and the results will be used for an automatic tooth setup suggestion.